Tayrona National Park

A civilization was discovered here in the 70’s who had no ties to the “outside” world. Indiana Jones, Machu Picchu style!!

The Amazon Rainforest. My favorite!

About a third of Colombia’s area is covered by the Amazon Rainforest (about the size of California). Pristine jungle, incredible wildlife and one famous river awaits you. We stayed here for a week and saw eels, piranhas, and pink dolphins.

The capital, Bogotá, has many sides, good food, and great people

Modern architecture, universities, cuisine, and night life. A real city!

Guajira Desert. Miles and miles of miles and miles

The landscape was endless, and alien, and beautiful, and barren, and unlike anything I had seen just a week earlier in the rainforest.

Punta Gallinas

The tip of the continent. Stand here, and you have millions of stories, customs, and people, ahead of you. This is the specific spot where South America starts!

Zona Cafetera

Trees as tall as 60 yards tower over plantations where the best coffee in the world is produced. This is where you ask for a black joe; no cream. no sugar.


Caribbean flair, great music, delicious food and colonial charm; the undisputed queen of the Caribbean coast. Also, built to fight pirates. Forts arrr epic

Cañón del Chicamocha

It’s really big. Like, second-largest-canyon-in-the-world-after-the-Grand-Canyon kind of big.

Cañón del Chicamocha

Colombia has gone through a decade of transformation and is shaking off the negative stigma. Mountains, cities, two oceans, rainforests, rolling hills, Caribbean flairs, deserts, some of the most hospitable and friendly people in the world, delicious food, great music, cheap transportation… Colombia has it all. We traveled the country from tip to tip and are happy to answer any questions below!