Fancy a trip to Mexico in the coming weeks or months? We don’t blame you. The Central American nation is one of the most beautiful countries on Earth; but what are the best spots to visit?

Here are six delights you can’t afford to miss when you next take a trip to Mexico.


  1. Izamal


Ciudad Amarilla (the yellow city), otherwise known as Izamal, is certainly not a location which can be rivalled in many countries elsewhere across the globe. With exclusively-yellow buildings and a sacred shrine at its heart, the city is well worth checking out.


Unsurprisingly for a spot with so much tradition, you’ll be able to catch regular shows throughout the year – ranging from community dances to festivals which explode with sound and excitement.


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  1. Coba


Anyone with even a brief knowledge of history will be aware the Mayans once reigned strong over the current landscape which Mexico inhabits. The ancient temple of Coba stands as one of many testaments to that long forgotten age.


Built roughly between 600-900AD, the temple is most famous for the intricate and numerous engraved stelae – which document important events and ceremonies which occurred in the region during the Late Classic Period. A must for any history buffs out there.



  1. Zipolite


The picturesque sands of Zipolite are a far cry from the shores of Cancun – where wild party-goers have taken over and made it very hard for people looking to enjoy a relaxing holiday in the sun.


That said, relaxed dress codes on the beach mean that pulses will still race if you happen to catch a tourist or local at the right (or wrong, depending on your perspective) time of the day. Regardless, the immense natural beauty of the spot is something you simply can’t afford to miss.


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  1. Angel of Independence


This iconic golden statue might not offer a host of opportunities when it comes to activities to take part in, but is nevertheless well worth checking out for the cultural significance it possesses.

Built in 1910, the 148ft monument was erected to commemorate all those lost in the Mexican War of Independence. It became used as a mausoleum for fallen soldiers from that conflict at a later date, and is currently located right in the heart of the nation’s capital, Mexico City.



  1. Zoológico de Chapultepec


Who doesn’t love a zoo? The Chapultepec Zoo in the park of the same name is the country’s answer to the likes of London and Berlin’s world renown offerings.


Tickets are moderately (and fairly) priced, with a wide selection of animals on show – shipped in from every corner of the globe. Days out like this are perfect for the whole family, so make sure to try it out.


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  1. Isla Marietas National Park


This mind-blowing national park is very different to what you’ve come to expect of other such masses of land in the Americas – with it situated exclusively on an island a few miles from the Mexican coast.


The crowning glory of the park comes in the form of the hidden beach, which sees a relatively small circumference of sand entirely circled by shrubs and woodland. Beautiful blue waters lick the shore in a scene which some might say is akin to paradise.



When you’re next in Mexico, you need to make sure you check out one of these spots. Failing to do so is a detriment to your own enjoyment.