The promise of the big city beckons. You’ve worked out all of the logistics getting yourself here. Whether a plane ticket, a train ticket, or a carpool of willing souls, you’ve made it! But now what? The questions and the confusion stack up. Which food do I need to try? What famous landmark do I need to take a selfie with? What hipster suburbs do I buy my organic fair-trade cappuccino in and what filter should I use for instagram? Exploring a new city can be overwhelming, to say the least. That is why I have put together this very simple guide to “The Perfect Day in Any City,” a way for you to simplify and organize your time in this new exciting place. I had a Spanish teacher once named Mr. Lopez, who used to tell us that when it came to new territory, to remember KISS. Not heavily made up, fire breathing Rock ‘N’ Roll legends, but the acronym for Keep It Simple Student, K-I-S-S. Remember, you are here to enjoy yourself and keeping it simple is key. You want memories not stress headaches.

Step 1: To start your epic day off right you must begin from the night before. Make sure you get optimal sleep and get yourself ready for the adventure ahead. Remember to set a reasonable time for yourself to get your day going. If you’re not a morning person, then don’t get up super early. You want to be in a good mood.

Step 2: Find the foodie place you’ve read so much about and have a nice sit down breakfast or down a cup a coffee on your way out. Whatever your choice, just make sure you give yourself fuel for the upcoming activities. Nothing is worse than getting hangry (hungry and angry) or being around someone hangry.  I would make sure to bring some snacks as well in case you’re on the move.

Step 3: Set yourself up and plan one or two activities maximum for the bulk of your day. Whether it’s going to that “must see” site or going on a walking tour, give yourself optimal time so that you are not rushing and can fully enjoy the experience. You want to be present and content with where you’re at and not thinking about what time you need to leave to get to your next reservation. Do your research and stick to it. Remember KISS.

Step 4: Once you’ve finished your morning and afternoon is approaching, you should be feeling nice and accomplished.  This is the perfect time to find the city green space. Every city will have one. For example, New York has Central Park, Tokyo has Yoyogi Park, Perth has Kings Park, and Toronto has the Toronto Islands. This is where the locals usually go to get a break from the busy city. Why not go for a relaxing stroll or just lie in the sun?  Or maybe have a picnic and people watch while reflecting on your day thus far. This is the time to recharge whilst still feeling like you’re experiencing a vital part to city life.

Step 5: Now this is where the day can get tricky but you have a few options.

Option 1: You are a real go-getter and would like to do one more activity before getting yourself ready for the night ahead.

Option 2: Getting yourself ready for the night ahead.

Option 3: Having a rest and then getting yourself ready for the night ahead.

Everyone needs different amounts of time depending on what activity you will be embarking on for the night. Be sure not to take on too much. Remember KISS. Nightlife is always a huge part of the big city and vital if you want the full city life experience. So even if you aren’t a night owl and prefer a cup of tea on the couch to a crowded bar there are always options, but make sure you get out there.

Step 6: Plan to go out to a nice dinner. This can be the extend of your “night on the town” and that’s ok. If not then you’ve set yourself up for a win and filled your stomach and are prepared for the possible long night ahead. Eat something or somewhere that the city is known for. Don’t just hit up a McDonalds and call it a night. Food is an amazing way to connect to the culture of the city. New Orleans has its Cajun/creole cuisine, Austin has it’s BBQ, San Diego has its Fish Tacos, and New York has its Pizza. Whatever you choose eat it up…literally!

Step 7: See where the night takes you. Now, we all want to have the craziest/ best story about that one time we were in “insert city name here.” But make sure you are being smart and don’t do anything to get yourself in trouble, well too much trouble that is.  I am not your mother and you are a capable adult, able to make your own decisions. So Carpe Diem and all that jazz.

Step 8: Do not lose your phone or your wallet or your dignity.

So there you go, the perfect day in any city. Planning helps but even if you find yourself on a spontaneous trip to wherever, using this guide will set you up for a win! Want to make sure all of your visits to the city are perfect? Then download “Hairflipadventure presents The Perfect Pocket Guide to Any City” to keep in your wallet at all times.

Happy Travels!



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