Travel doesn’t have to be expensive!

For my next magic trick, I will share with you how to travel INTERNATIONALLY for $300 ROUND TRIP.

  • I will use Australia as my example. (If it works there, it will work just about anywhere)
  • You will learn how to fly the whole way.
  • You will learn how to get back home.

DISCLAIMER: To get the cheapest deals, we’re going to travel on “shuffle” mode. This technique does NOT work if you 1) Know exactly where you want to go. 2) Know exactly WHEN you want to go. This technique is for those of us who want to get away for spring break/work holidays/honeymoon/bachelor party/find a beach in the wintertime, etc…

First, I need a volunteer from the audience.

**Note: Google flights and other tools can work for this as well, provided they have the same features**

Let’s navigate to Preferably in incognito mode so you’re not getting cookied and charged more for every request.

Step 1: Select “Roundtrip”

Step 2: Type in your city and select “Add nearby airports” to check all your immediate options.


This is a crapshoot of good pricing. It’s cheaper to plan your life around the trip, so keep an open mind if you’re looking for really good deals.

Step 3: Select “WHOLE MONTH” so that the magic option comes up

Step 4: Select “Cheapest month”. In Skyscanner, this setting ensures that they will check ALL months in order to show you when it is cheapest to fly out of your destination. This is crucial. I have seen prices drop as much as 80-90% just because it’s low season.

Step 5: Repeat steps 3 & 4 for the return options.


Step 6: Search “Everywhere”.


This may sound intuitive, but MOST people don’t check these options. Essentially what we’re asking Skyscanner to do is to 1) check it’s ENTIRE flight database from 2) ALL airlines to find the 3) CHEAPEST month to fly 4) roundtrip to the 5) CHEAPEST destinations.


We made it!! $52 round trip Sydney-Gold Coast. Now imagine checking flights in the same manner leaving FROM Gold Coast to try to find dates that match and see where you can go from there?? The possibilities are endless! Results are ranked from cheapest to most expensive. International options are further down and there are dozens under $300 ROUND TRIP!!!!!!!

Try it out!

This is perfect for booking that surprise trip to Iceland for $80, or getting away for the weekend to New Zealand for $120, or realizing that you can visit your friend in Chicago for waaaay cheaper than you ever thought possible.

Example ROUND TRIP deals that I’ve found this way:

LAX – Amsterdam $200

Prague – Boston $175

Kuala Lumpur – Singapore $24

Kuala Lumpur – Denpasar $68

Try it out with your city!!