We travel for the sake of traveling, for culture and experience. Often we go without a fixed destination, route or return date in mind. Nomad App can help you plan your trip and keep your expenses low. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get by living exclusively on experience, sunshine and the smell of adventure in the air. Here are our favorite picks of how you can have both: make money and travel at the same time.



The Internet has opened up a whole new universe of professions that don’t require you to be physically present at any place. Some of the most travel friendly jobs are in the categories of translation, SEO, web design, coding, content writing, software development and graphic design. However, you can find a lot of opportunities when browsing the web. Entrepreneur is a great online journal and we appreciate their articles a lot. Check out their article “The 15 Best Freelance Websites to Find Jobs” for a broad selection of best freelance platforms. Especially, Freelancer and Upworkhave a broad offer of freelance jobs online and the verification and payment process work perfectly. Another cool platform that is directly targeting digital nomads and remote workers is RemoteOk.io.

You’re into organic lifestyle and farming? Check out WWOOF

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WOOF) is a worldwide network of organic farms that invite travelers to work for them and offer free stay or other benefits in return. We heard about it the first time when traveling Cambodia. It was a Canadian guy who’s been living on a farm in New Zealand for half a year, learning the basics of organic farming and living with a group of travelers from all over the world. He once told us how they made an all vegan cake just from fruits like dates, coconut milk, banana and nuts. Just the thought of this recipe is mouth-watering… still looking desperately for the recipe.

Teach English

If you’re an English native it’s even easier. We remember talking to a guy in Thailand who graduated from Agricultural studies and was hired by the university of Thailand to teach English with any further requirements. Just the fact that you are fluent in English can be a door-opener to a number of well-paid language jobs. In case you’re not native you might wanna consider the TEFL certificate. Take a course, get certified and start teaching English as a foreign language. A good friend just got certified in a three weeks course in Prague: So we can recommend Life TEFL Prague but there are centers and courses around the world and also online. Also our friends from Goats on the Road started by teaching English in China.

goats on the road


Work in exchange for free accommodation, food & other benefits. On Worldpackers you can, for example, find jobs at hostels around the world that offer you free accommodation in return. Minimum stays, work hours per week and tasks are defined by the host. However, there are jobs for any skills set: Social Media, carpenting, bartending, cooking, volunteering, housekeeping, gardening or movie making are just a few common categories on the list. Turn your skills into free accommodation, experience and fun.

Start a travel blog

Share your experience and build a community around your life as a traveler. Create your blog with a few easy steps e.g. on wordpress. There are a number of bloggers out there that are actually earning their living with their travel blogs. One of them is Nomadic Matt who’s even written a much-recommended book on “How to build a travel blog”. Goats on the Road wrote a great article about how you can actually sustain yourself as a travel blogger and explain they earn up to 5000 USD a month.


Are you a recent graduate looking for work experience while traveling? Working abroad can be a great boost for your CV as well as personal development.There are a number of platforms with interesting internship placements around the world. Of course you can also go for full-time positions, however, internships might be a good choice because normally they are shorter and permit you to go traveling after let’s say three months of work. At the same time they can be a door-opener for future employment. If you like startup jobs go for platforms like the Startup Chile Platform or Startup Jobs Asia. Also, LinkedIn and Craigslist can be very helpful resources.

Give online classes

Start sharing your knowledge with the world! If you like teaching consider tutoring or giving online lectures. We once met a cool traveler in Amed, Bali who’s been traveling for years earning his money as an online tutor. Online Education is booming and there a growing opportunities in the field. Develop your own online courses for example on Udemy.


  • Work as a tourist guide
  • Work as cruise ship staff
  • Found your own business and become a travelpreneur
  • Become a professional photographer
  • ….

There are so many ways to earn your living while traveling! Be creative. However, what is essential is to be persistent. Don’t expect to earn money with a blog right from the start or get a job as a freelance software designer without any experience. Like everything in life your career requires a lot of dedication and hard work. But it can be done. Turn traveling from a free-time and vacation activity into a part of your lifestyle and make money with what you love.



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