Alright, my friends. No more world-lurking:

Honeymoon coming up on a budget? Want to take some months off? Have a bucket list item to cross off?Truth is, you can get anywhere in the world for less than 500 buckaroos. My team and I have seen more than 45 countries collectively and I’m about to give you the juicy details that the travel companies don’t want you to know. TRAVEL HACKING DONE RIGHT

For tough cookies only!!

Alright, young grasshopper: Let’s get some things straight; You may have to tough it out. A $500 budget is not for the faint of spirit. You may have to sleep on a bus (save your hotel cash), or on a plane to get really far for really cheap. Stop here if you can’t handle the strains of world travel!!

So… you want the secret of Jamaican Mama? Come on in…

We will take the following pattern: Origin-Bus-Flight-Bus-Destination. Let’s start with the elephant in the room: Buses. Take a bus to the closest budget airline airport in your country and take it from there.

US peeps:

World: only 62 countries included. More coming soon.

Don’t fly out of your boondock town or C-market city. Find the biggun. Spend 30 minutes trying to figure out the cheapest flights coming out of the big cities around you to find the right one to bus to before flying:


Yes, these tools are your friend. Look for cheap flights out of the big city. **AT THIS POINT YOU’RE JUST TRYING TO GET TO THE RIGHT CONTINENT**

Bussed to a big city? Fly, birdie, fly

Skyscanner/Google flights: roll out! Now that you’re in the Big Enchilada, use our tools to take to the skies. You’ve put in the 9 hour bus to a big city. Time to fall with style to your next Big City. In most cases, you won’t fly straight into your final destination for the same reason you didn’t fly straight from your small town (price).

Rinse and repeat (if necessary), my dear friend.

Are you in Melbourne now? Have you landed in Berlin, Bogota, Oslo, or wherever you were trying to get to? Good. Now find a bus to take you wherever you’re actually going.

Let’s do an example

Let’s say I’m trying to get from Phoenix, Arizona to a paradise island in Malaysia.

Step 1: Search the cheapest flights from the US to Asia. In this case, that means flying from Los Angeles LAX to Shanghai for $303

Step 2: Book a bus to LAX from Phoenix to take the Shanghai flight for $27 YOU MADE IT TO THE RIGHT PART OF THE WORLD. Flights inside of a continent are usually cheaper than flights INTO a specific part of a continent.

Step 3: Use the same concept to find a flight into the closest big city of your destination. In this case, it’s Kuala Lumpur for $108

Step 4: Compare buses to flights to find the cheapest option to get even closer. In this case, it’s a $10 flight on AirAsia from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bharu.

Step 5: Close the deal 😉 In this case, we take a local ferry for $5 to arrive in our final destination of Perhentian Island.

You made it!

Let’s recap:

Phoenix-LA: $27

LA-Shanghai: $303

Shanghai-Kuala Lumpur: $108

Kuala Lumpur-Kota Bharu: $10

Kota Bharu-Pehentian Island: $5


You’re probably thinking that planning this trip took a long time. You’re probably right! This takes time and patience. Fortunately, my team and I is creating an app that will do ALL OF THIS FOR YOU so you don’t have to spend 3 hours checking 30 websites. If you want our tech for free, make sure you sign up at the top of our home page You can also follow us on to keep up with our shenanigans and the progress of the app!