We are building NomadApp for you. Are you a traveler, blogger, photographer, youtuber, artist or digital nomad? Get in touch with us admin@nomadapp.co . We’d love to feature you on our Blog, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. We’re always interested in creative content and stories out there.

Just write us a short message. Here are some sample questions we’d like you to answer:

  • Who you are and where you’re from
  • Why you love traveling and places you’ve been to
  • Most amazing, scary, memorable … experience when traveling
  • One way in which traveling has changed you
  • One person that has changed your mind while traveling
  • Favourite place
  • Photo of you traveling
  • Photos you’d like to see featured with a catchy caption
  • Blogs/profiles you’d like us to link to

These are just some ideas. We’re happy to receive your messages. Share your most memorable experiences and make our blog your stage.



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It all started on a tour through South America. We were in the Amazon rainforest when the idea of NomadApp came up: the largest backpacker community on the web and a technology that helps people get out there and see the world.