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Spend the Winter in Paradise! Europe to Thailand for 155€ ($175)

Take a break from cold and grey Europe. Flights to Thailand as cheap as 155€ ($175) at many different dates in November, January, February and March. Take the chance and fly Oslo – Bangkok for only 155€/$175. (Round trip: $349/310€).

  • When: dates available in in November, January, February and March
  • Airline: Norwegian Air
  • When to by: Buy before they are sold out or the cheap dates aren’t available any longer
  • Normal price: $450

How to book

Just go to Google flights and use our sample search; click on “Book with Norwegian Air” to go directly to the airline and get your Thailand adventure. (Click on the date to expand the calendar to see the different prices on other days.)

Not from Oslo?

If you found this deal you’re already a pretty advanced flight hacker. However, we realized that if you combine different modes of transportation you can get even further for really cheap. You might spend a night on a bus or see a few more places on the way to your final destination but who cares, right? We’re only young once!

Check flight from your city

Sometimes it pays off to pay a little more so you can leave from your place. The Bangkok flight for example is available for the following prices from different cities in Europe.

  • Budapest to Bangkok: $242
  • Copenhagen to Bangkok: $252
  • Prague to Bangkok: $227

Fly into Oslo with a cheap national flight

For example if you fly in from Vienna for only $52 a few days early you get to see two cities at once for only $227.
From Berlin $40
From Paris $39
From London $17

Why just go one way?

Bangkok can be your perfect gateway to Asia! Stay there for one month and fly back from whichever location that is convenient to you.  Why not: Bangkok, Singapore, Bali, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, Siem Reap, Kuala Lumpur – back?

Our insider tip: for flights in Asia check out local carriers like Air Asia. Flights are super cheap.

We could go on and on and on like this just building our own connections, touring Asia and not spending more than when you go grocery shopping. Isn’t that UNBELIEVABLE???? Please spread the message. Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive.