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What is NomadApp?

NomadApp: the app that helps you find your travel destination based on your budget.

Would you like to travel but feel you don’t have the money to do so? You don’t know where your money could take you?
No time to plan?

NomadApp will show you your travel options and itineraries. Based on your budget and hassle-free. It functions like a reverse search engine for trips. It collects information on your budget and preferences and provides you with a travel itinerary in return. It helps you budget your trips and see your options.

NomadApp interface

NomadApp interface

Use case:

Imagine, you’ve got 400 USD to go on a trip from XY to anywhere?

  1. Type in your budget and preferences into NomadApp
  2. See itineraries and options based on experiences from other travelers and up-to-date information from booking platforms, transport companies, tour agencies etc.
  3. Modify and adjust itinerary
  4. Book
  6. Share experiences with NomadApp community and friends.

(Watched the video?) This is us. This is the nomadapp.co team. The idea of nomadapp.co was born while we were traveling, growing together and being stirred by all the wonders of this planet. We want to inspire those around the world to be moved by traveling.

We are travelers. Together we have visited over 60 countries during the last three years. We are startup enthusiasts and serial entrepreneurs. We’re an international crew living and working in Colombia, the USA and Austria. AND we’re building nomadapp.co – FOR YOU.

Ready to take off with us?

Your nomadapp.co team



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It all started on a tour through South America. We were in the Amazon rainforest when the idea of NomadApp came up: the largest backpacker community on the web and a technology that helps people get out there and see the world.