Here’s how is finally gonna solve this pain of many travelers. One (important) feature AMONG MANY we’ll build tailored to the needs of travelers.

Have you ever been booking flights for a trip spending hours and hours looking for your options? Booking platforms normally require you to search by the following parameters: City of Departure, Destination and Date.

City of Departure. Destination. Date? — Well it depends….

I’d go ANYWHERE. This is driving me crazy! Why? Because they are asking for parameters I don’t know! I can go from and to WHEREVER —WHENEVER as long as the flight is cheap. Last week I’ve been looking for flights from Colombia to Munich and it was a real pain. I am currently traveling South America and wanna go home some time. I don’t know when and I don’t know from where. I just know I don’t wanna spend more than 500USD to get back home.

So … when they ask me: “When do you wanna travel?” I wanna say: “It depends… Whenever the flight is cheap”. Can be December if the flight is cheap. If I find a flight for 300USD I’ll go home before Christmas. However, if there’s another one for 200USD in February I might as well consider that one and spend Christmas at the beach in Cancun…

Question 2: “From where do you wanna travel” Answer: “Well,… It depends… Can be from anywhere in Latin America: Bogotá, Santiago de Chile, Sao Paulo, Rio, Antarktis — whatever!” The plan was to travel Latin America during the next two months. I can go anywhere; adapt my itinerary. I can depart from any city on the way if flights from there are cheap.

Question 3: “Where do you wanna go” I say: “Well, it depends…” Ultimately I wanna go “home — which means Vienna Austria” but I don’t mind booking a bus from let’s say Budapest to Vienna, Milan to Vienna or spending a few days in Barcelona visiting a friend before going home with a cheap flight from there. I am considering flights to ANYWHERE IN EUROPE. Chances are I can always find cheap transport from there to Vienna afterwards.


Traditional travel platforms are not meeting the needs of travelers that are wandering the world without a fixed destination or return date in mind. They are not tailored to the needs of budget travelers that would go anywhere as long as it’s cheap. They are not considering digital nomads and travelpreneurs that live in one city and move on as soon as they find the next cheap flight to anywhere. Traditional travel platforms are asking the wrong questions.

Meet . Meet a travel platform that is thinking with a traveler’s mind. is offering a different approach. We don’t require you to know where and when you wanna travel. We show you your options and let you decide.

An example: Having 800USD for a trip from Colombia to Europe? Enter your budget and we’ll show you what fellow travelers did with more or less the same money. Imagine there was a girl who found a flight for 600USD from Bogotá to Vienna and went home directly. There is another guy who traveled from Bogotá to Chile for 200USD, took a bus to Brazil for 100USD and from there he booked a flight to Milan (Italy); from Milan he booked a ride on carpooling and went to Vienna. Another one traveled for 400USD to Cuba & from there for 300USD to Russia, stayed 2 weeks before hitchhiking all the way to Germany.
Thinking all of them are cool, ligit options? You don’t wanna get limited in planning your trip just because travel platforms ask the wrong questions? You wanna know your options first and make decisions later?

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We’re building a new breed of travel platform. Bringing travel planning, itineraries and community all into one place. NomadApp is working the way your traveler brain is thinking.



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