Taxbot: Tax Service

If you are a business owner and travel can somehow be included in your business expenses this is definitely a must! It tracks both your expenses as well as your income from your business and allows you to maintain all your receipts in an orderly fashion. Everything is synced to your account online so any photos you take of receipts do not need to be saved ( I would definitely still recommend holding on to the physical copy, just in case) and travel miles can be tracked automatically, manually entered, or tracking can be turned on and off if you are making multiple stops. Very handy tool if you are a business owner of any kind that requires any level of travel, even local.


Roadtrippers : Points of Interest in the area

This app was invaluable on my road trip around America! You can enter in your trip and it will select a route just like your gps and show you anything of interest within a set distance off of your route. So say you just wanted to hop off the interstate and not venture too far off you can set it to search within 5 miles off the interstate and it will bring up just about anything you could be looking for, Food, Attractions, Camping, hotels, entertainment & nightlife, national parks, points of interest, etc. You can even save your route so it is easily accessible whenever you need. You can add stops along your trip at any point and place them in whatever order you would like to visit as well. Each point of interest also comes with reviews, comments, and photos as well. All of which are very helpful! If you are ever planning a road trip or even just curious what is in the town you are visiting definitely download this app and check it out!


Parkopedia: Shows the Pricing of Parking Spots in the Area (free spots as well)

This came very handy when visiting places such as Hollywood, Miami, and Chicago when most places to park can cost as much as $30 an hour! Can I afford it? Yeah sure but why pay that much just to find out 2 streets up was free parking? This app allows you to search areas by City/Zip, Current Location, or if you frequently visit a spot you can save it to your favorites. It even allows you to book parking at some of the parking garages if that is how you wish to plan. There is an option to narrow down your search based on the height of your vehicle,  free only, duration of your stay, covered vs open spaces, electric charging, etc.


Hollywood Walk of Fame: Free Starmap as Well as Pinpoint Navigation to the Stars

This really only applies to Hollywood obviously but it was very very handy for me finding the specific stars I was looking for rather than paying anywhere from $5 – 15 for a star map with hundreds of stars I did not care to see. The app allows you to view by map or by list where you can specifically enter the star you are searching for.


Social Media (various)

This may sound obvious but social media can be VERY powerful when traveling. Especially if you have a large following expanding beyond just your friends from a local town. Post your travels, ask your following for advice on great local spots. I posted on my IG account that I was taking a trip From GA to NY then from NY to Cali and back around to GA and I had almost 200 comments on great spots to check out along the way that would not have been picked up by any app. This is also a great way to engage with your audience if you are a travel blogger or building a web based business. Utilize EVERY tool you have when traveling, you would be surprised the things you will discover by simply asking others.