Many people are in search of ways to travel the world and explore new settings, but many people also don’t have the funds to make it happen. For those willing to try something different, there is another option. In fact, there are countries that will pay you to move there. In some cases, there are requirements, so it comes down to what you are looking for in a lifestyle and in a new culture. Here are just five options to get you started.


1. Chile

This program is specific to people who are looking to move a startup company to the country. In this scenario, Chile will pay a company $50,000 through their program Start-Up Chile. In order to qualify, the startup must have the potential of becoming global and largely successful. In addition, they will provide you with a one-year work visa and business contacts. The support system is completely in English despite the country being primarily Spanish speaking.

2. Canada

If you are a recent college graduate and are interested specifically in Saskatchewan, this might be the perfect option. Saskatchewan is offering tuition reimbursements of up to $20,000 Canadian dollars (CAD), or the equivalent of $15,956 U.S. Dollars (USD). In order to qualify, you must be a graduate of college in or after 2010. The reimbursement is awarded in the form of a non-refundable tax credit, paid out over up to ten years.

3. Vietnam, Thailand or Korea

These three are grouped together because they all offer similar programs and lifestyles. In each, they are constantly looking for people, particularly from Europe and the United States, to come and teach English and other courses. The differences in the three come could help you decide between the three. Vietnam and Thailand are much cheaper to live in, but Korea pays better. Though they don’t pay as well as Korea, Vietnam and Thailand have growing economies and are becoming more competitive. Vietnam is also easier to navigate in terms of visa regulations. Many companies also cover flight costs to fly you there and back home when your teaching is over.

4. United States

Due to the economic downturn and the crash of the housing market in the late 2000’s, there are several cities with great incentives to purchase homes. The most well-known is Detroit, Michigan, where they’ve established the Live Downtown and Live Midtown programs, providing money to new residents for rent, a home or even home improvements. Other areas with similar programs include Niagara Falls, NY, Harmony, Mn, large parts of Kansas and all of Alaska.

5. New Zealand

This one doesn’t exactly “pay” you, but there is a town called Kaitangata that is offering brand new houses with a quarter acre of land for $230,000 New Zealand Dollars (NZD)(equal to $165,000 USD). These houses would typically go for approximately the equivalent of $394,482 USD. This is because there are approximately 1,000 jobs that open in that region and they don’t have enough people to fill them.


Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who writes for Documents International LLC, a leading apostille service for individuals and businesses.