3 Big Misconceptions about Traveling

If there is one thing I have learned, it is travel has no boundaries–wherever you are and whatever you are–

I am an expat traveler from the Philippines. I left my country. I left my comfort zones. But it was not always so easy for me. In my college days, I really wanted to travel, but I had a lot of fears and doubts that held me back. Then,  I got a job as a workaholic and devoted life to the call center industry–I was not happy. Two years ago, I had lot of misconceptions that hindered me from traveling and facing my fears. Then, I faced them head on.

Below are the misconceptions I cleared up when I first began traveling:

Misconception 1: I Don’t Have Money to Travel

Believe it or not, you don’t need money to travel. Sounds cool right? You can be an au pair for a few months or a year, or do couchsurfing if you don’t have anywhere to stay. Do you have friends in the local area? Live with the locals to save money on food and drinks–in exchange, do good deeds like cleaning their house, or do some farm jobs and live abroad for work! There are even a lot of ways to earn money while traveling–but I will save this for a later blog.

Another tip for managing your money while you travel: you must have a travel bank account. If you are planning to travel next year, saving money this year and putting it on your travel account NOT to your personal account is imperative for making your life easier and your travel more effective.

Misconception 2: It is Hard to Get Visa

You do not always need one. Until recently,  I had doubts about where a passport document could take me–without a visa, what could I do? Lack of knowledge about the benefits of having a passport was a huge hindrance for me. I was surprised to learn that with my passport, I can travel to 25 countries Visa-free or Visa granted on arrival!

**(Side note) If you don’t mind the fees and paperwork, a Schengen visa is worth the time and expense. It will let you travel to 20 plus European countries. Overall, that could save you from tremendous Visa application fees.

The Biggest Misconception: Travel is Useless

One of my Indian friends once told me this: “Travel is useless.” For some, this maybe true, and this is common feedback I receive. People are always concerned about the longevity of traveling. How sustainable it is, and how it benefits you when it often does not turn out money. What if I am done traveling?  What’s next?

The answer is forever. Your travel experiences will stay forever. Taking a photograph in the mountains of Islamabad, witnessing the bull-fighting experience in Spain, eating Shawarma in Turkey, or diving along with sharks in the Philippines will always be in your memory. Believe me, I am writing this article because all of that happened for me last year. That is not useless. They are priceless experiences. It is for this reason I continue to travel. I talk to people who do share not my mother tongue and witness  places I could only imagine in movies or books. Traveling has made me a game changer and more enthusiastic than ever before.