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– by Fabienne for NomadApp

Visiting the Austrian city Vienna is a beautiful cultural experience.  There is so much to learn about history, so many places to be visited, and so much delicious food to be tasted. To invoke your curiosity and give you a foretaste, I listed ten things you should do when going to Vienna:

1. Visit Schönbrunn Palace, a part of the World Cultural Heritage. Take a stroll through the beautiful imperial garden, through a maze, along gorgeous flower beds and up to the Gloriette on top of a hill, where you’ll enjoy the view over the ancient city of Vienna. There are different tours, guided or just with an audio guide, that will take you through the imperial chambers and will teach you about the history of this palace.

2. Walk through the noble imperial apartments at Hofburg Vienna to learn more about the life and tragic death of Elisabeth the Empress of Austria. She is often referred to as Empress Sisi, the household and life at court. There are also guided and audio guided tours available.

3. The Austrian National Library with its museums is definitely worth a visit. Enjoy various exhibitions at the Papyrus Museum, Esperanto Museum, Globe Museum, and Literature Museum and at the State Hall, which is one of the most beautiful historic libraries in the world. It was built between 1723 and 1726, and it is held in a baroque interior design.

4. If you like to learn about a little more morbid topics, you should go and take a guided tour through the crypt of the St. Michaels Church. A place where you will see painted baroque caskets, mummified dead, and where you will learn about the black plague.

5. Of course, there are also funny things to do in Vienna like riding on funfair tracks at the oldest amusement park in the world called the Viennese Prater. If you go on the Viennese Giant Wheel, you’ll be able to enjoy the view over the beautiful city. If you’re hungry you should try some delicious local food at one of the various restaurants located at the prater.

6. Talking about food, eating the famous “Sacher-Torte” at the Sacher Café is a must when visiting Vienna. This delicious treat is made of chocolate, apricot jam and a chocolate glazing on top. Sit down and enjoy the elegant ambience.

7. Are you interested in architecture? Then I suggest you to visit the Hundertwasser House in Vienna. It was designed by Friederich Hundertwasser, a world renowned architect. The facade is colorful, and there are many trees planted around the house and on the balconies and terraces which gives it the feel of  a green garden in the city. There is a restaurant and also a museum nearby.

8. For the best sight over Vienna go to the top of the Danube Tower. An elevator will take you up about 564 feet. Enjoy a delicious meal in the restaurant while soaking in the view.

9. If you’ve done all the cultural stuff, there is nature in and around Vienna with parks and hiking paths that run for over 300 miles. The Green Prater, Bisamberg, Rundumadum Hiking Trail, are some of these trails, just to name a few. The trails will take you through the Vienna Woods and recreational areas. There are signs to show you the way, restaurants, and picnicking areas if you get hungry.

10. After hiking or walking around the city, you may want to relax a little bit. The ThermeWien is the best place to do so. It is Europe’s biggest and most modern city spa. It includes more than 26 pools and over 24 saunas. If you want to get further information visit