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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the app ready for use?

NomadApp is currently not ready for distribution but we are accepting sign-ups for our Beta program. If you would like to participate in making travel more accessible to people around the world, please send us an email at

I don’t travel frequently... Is this app for me too?

YES!!! This app will help people from all walks of life and budget ranges to get out the door and see the world.

I’m not on a tight budget. Would I still use this app?

Whether you have $300 or $30,000 we can help you find the best destination and travel itinerary to fit you time and dream adventure.

How can I support?

We are currently looking for people who are passionate about traveling and want to contribute a song, a poem, a video, a photograph, or a painting about traveling to share with our NomadApp travel tribe blog. Let us know if you want to share your talent with us by emailing

Check out some pictures from our Instagram page. @nomadappco