So you wanna go to Australia? First thing, Australia is huge and among the most expensive countries in the world. We did our best to get you really far for really cheap. Here’s what we found.

Travel Hacks in Australia

  • The biggest hack might be to get a rental car in some locations. There are plenty of spots we can’t get you to without a car. Especially on the West Coast it gets difficult to go places.
  • Local budget airlines are: Jetstar, Virgin Australia, Tiger Airways, Qantas, Rex and Airnorth
  • Buses: Greyhound
  • An itinerary that can be easily done by public transportation and more of a shoestring budget is the East Coast


First Stop: Sydney – Coffs Harbour

Sydney — Coffs Harbour $65 bus

Coffs Harbour – Yamba

Coffs Harbour — Yamba $32 bus

Photo Unsplash

Yamba – Byron Bay

Yamba — Byron Bay $14 local bus

Photo courtesy @francosphotography

Byron Bay – Gold Coast

Byron Bay — Gold Coast $33 bus

Gold Coast – Brisbane

Gold Coast — Brisbane $8 train

Photo courtesy @francosphotography

Brisbane – Noosa

Brisbane — Noosa $11 train and bus

Noosa – Hervey Bay

Noosa — Hervey Bay $56 bus

Fraser Island – Optional

Photo Flickr

Hervey Bay – Agnes Water

Noosa — Hervey Bay $56 bus

Whitsundays – Optional

Photo Flickr

Agnes Water — Airlie Beach

Agnes Water — Airlie Beach $90 bus

Airlie Beach – Cairns

Airlie Beach — Cairns $77 train

TOTAL: $436


Cairns – Ayers Rock

Cairns — Ayers Rock $250 (found on Skyscanner; Virgin Australia)

Photo Flickr

Ayers Rock — Melbourne

Ayers Rock — Melbourne $145 (found on Skyscanner; Jetstar)

Photo Flickr

Sydney – Cairns – Ayers Rock – Melbourne

Total: $816

Itinerary Overview:

  • Sydney — Coffs Harbour $65 bus
  • Coffs Harbour — Yamba $32 bus
  • Yamba — Byron Bay $14 local bus
  • Byron Bay — Gold Coast $33 bus
  • Gold Coast — Brisbane $8 train
  • Brisbane — Noosa $11 train and bus
  • Noosa — Hervey Bay $56 bus
  • Fraser Island optional
  • Hervey Bay — Agnes Water $50 bus
  • optional Whitsundays
  • Agnes Water — Airlie Beach $90 bus
  • Airlie Beach — Cairns $77 train

Total: $436

Plus Outback:

Cairns — Ayers Rock $250 (found on Skyscanner; Virgin Australia)

Ayers Rock — Melbourne $145 (found on Skyscanner; Jetstar)

Total: $816

Plus Perth — Darwin

only with car



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